Diversity and Inclusion

At ACNA We promote a culture of openness and respect, where you’ll be valued for your ideas as well as your expertise. But more than that, we recognize the importance of treating you with genuine consideration. So at ACNA, you’ll enjoy an inclusive work environment where your differences are celebrated and where you can make the most of a range of benefits such as flexible working, employee offers, company share schemes and more.

Diversity and inclusion

We work to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best talent from the diversity the world offers – our ability to be competitive and to thrive globally depends on it.

At ACNA, we believe progression should always be based on ability.  Which is why we promote a positive environment where everyone can deliver their best regardless of their sexual orientation.
 We’re very proud to be a business where you can be yourself.

Veterans present an excellent talent base for ACNA.  Veterans are courageous, self-disciplined, highly motivated and results-oriented. They have been tested in highly demanding and pressurized situations. They are quick to learn, picking up new skills and adapting to new circumstances easily.
And they take responsibility for their actions and get things done.  In fact, our values directly align with many of the same characteristics and traits that are most important to veterans.

ACNA strives to hire a workforce that is representative of the communities in which it operates.

We have implemented processes and goals to help drive improvements, such as sponsorship, recruitment and talent practices that will assist with our efforts to increase and retain a more diverse workforce. We continue to review and monitor improvements in US minority representation.

ACNA has always strived to be inclusive of everyone including those with disabilities. To improve our awareness and understanding of recruiting and employing disabled talent, ACNA establishes partnerships with local disability organizations.

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