Shortfall Auto Insurance

There’s something new and unique in the auto dealer marketplace – something created to help you build loyalty and increase sales, whilst differentiating you from the competition – ShortFall Cover’s loyalty waiver and membership programs. Our administration partner Sedgwick has been providing innovative programs for their customers for more than 40 years and this new program is destined to replace traditional automobile gap waivers with something revolutionary for the industry. As soon as a vehicle is driven off the showroom floor, it starts to lose value. In the event of an accident, theft, or other incident that results in a total loss, the consumer is left with a gap between their loan or lease balance and the actual cash value of the insurance company’s settlement. Current gap waiver programs settle the difference between those amounts but even greater is the gap between the amount paid for the vehicle and the cash value of the insurance settlement. That’s where ShortFall Cover and Sedgwick come in; we are revolutionizing this segment of the market with our new loyalty depreciation programs offering benefits to dealers and customers.

Protecting your investment What if your car was one of the thousands of vehicles totaled or stolen in the US every year? Would your insurance pay out enough for you to replace it with a similar vehicle to the one you originally purchased? What we will do is if the vehicle we are selling you now becomes a total loss during the next 3 years, we will give you a discount off a replacement vehicle from a participating dealership. This discount will be an amount equal to the depreciation you have suffered or the maximum available. There is NO cash alternative. Automobile insurers will pay the depreciated value at the time of claim, NOT the original purchase price of the vehicle. There is an automobile insurance claim every 4 seconds of every working minute. 8% of people make a claim on their automobile insurance policy and 17% of these will be a total loss claim. Let us assist you get a similar vehicle to the one you had originally purchased.

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