Provide secure identity protection

Our proactive service provides your members with complete identity protection. We watch, warn, restore and insure your members’ identities while providing resources to educate them on all aspects of identity theft and the resolution process.

Secure Identity Protection

We offer a full range of privacy products including:

Identity risk score

We help members gauge their level of susceptibility to identity theft by generating a risk score between 0-999.
The risk score represents the likelihood that an individual is a victim of identity theft or in the beginning stages of having their identity stolen. The higher the risk score, the greater chance of identity theft.
Ongoing identity monitoring

This innovative early detection and warning system utilizes proprietary technology to provide worry-free identity protection 24/7. We scan thousands of financial and non-financial databases and millions of records to detect fraudulent attempts at stealing members’ identities.

Our proactive monitoring system includes 50+ identity theft identifiers.
Monitored databases include all 3 credit bureaus, financial institutions, real property records, insurance groups, cell phone records and many more!
Personal phone alerts – If we find suspicious activity that may indicate the beginning stages of identity theft, we will contact the member directly at the number listed as their primary alert phone number.

ACNA id theft

Identity restoration

  • We administer the costly steps to dispute fraudulent information regarding
    the theft of the member’s identity.
  • Discovery based – This covers “pre-existing” identity theft if the theft had not
    been discovered prior to enrollment.
  • Unlimited service guarantee – If your member becomes a victim of identity
    theft, our trained identity theft specialists will take all the necessary steps to
    restore their good name to its pre-theft condition.
  • Free financial coaching – Members receive up to a 60-minute phone
    consultation with a certified credit and financial counselor, providing credit
    counseling, restoration strategies, credit report analysis and
    tax planning.
  • Free legal consultation – Members receive a free initial 60-minute consultation
    with an attorney on each new issue involving identity theft. After the initial
    consultation, the participating attorney may be retained at a preferred rate
    reduction of 25% off the attorney’s standard fees.
ACNA id theft

ID theft insurance

  • $1,000,000 stolen identity event and unauthorized electronic fund transfer
    policy with no deductible.
  • Coverage is provided for lost wages as a result of time off work related to a
    stolen identity event, up to $500 a week for four weeks.
  • This insurance also covers reimbursement for expenses related to the
    recovery of your identity, including defense costs for certain civil suits, refiling
    for loans and reimbursement of fees.

Value added services

  • Free credit report reminder service.
  • Credit card offer opt-out access.
  • Monthly All Clear notification emails
  • Informative Quarterly eNewsletters
  • Our Child Protect service (technology that specifically detects
    any fraudulent use of children’s social security numbers)
  • Lost Wallet recovery service
ACNA id theft