Real peace-of- mind at affordable rates

Auto Club of North America (ACNA) provides real peace-of- mind at affordable rates. When on the road you’ll know that you are covered and protected by an organization that cares. Our customer’s representatives respond quickly to provide you the best service and protection available anywhere. We at ANCA have earned a solid reputation for fast and courteous service. You can count on the company with “Safe” as its middle name!


(Please see contract for the specific terms and conditions of coverage.)

24 Hour emergency towing service:

Your vehicle may be towed to the destination of your choice.

24 Hour road service:

You are covered for emergency road service throughout the U.S. and Canada.

24 Hour emergency delivery:

A service truck will deliver emergency supplies of gasoline, water, oil, or other necessary supplies. You only pay for the cost of thte supplies.

24 Hour emergency battery service:

You are covered to boost batteries and perform minor adjustments to alternators, starters, etc. while on the road.

Auto rental reimbursement:

If repairs are needed to your vehicle due to an accident with another vehicle, ACNA will reimburse you for the cost of renting a car during the repair period. Not available on all plans in all states.

More Benefits:

Lost key or lockout service:

If you are accidentally locked out of your vehicle, you will be covered and entitled to the service specified in your contract.

Rent-a-car discounts:

You are entitled to discount cards for vehicle rentals, which are honored at thousands of locations throughout the US and abroad.

Map routing service:

We will, at no charge, provide you with a map and travel route to the destination of your choice.

Theft and hit & run protection:

A $500 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for hit & run damages or stealing your vehicle.

Whenever you travel, you’ll like the secure feeling knowing that you are protected by ACNA. Fast response and excellent service are just two reasons why millions of motorists rely on ACNA for on-the-road protection.